News March 2022

Marking 60 years with a new film and story

The Robertson Trust was founded 60 years ago by the three remarkable Robertson sisters. To mark our anniversary and to recognise our shared achievements, we’ve just released a brand new film and booklet that tell our story.

Painting of the three Robertson sisters on the moors

The Story of The Robertson Trust - full film

The Robertson sisters – Elspeth, Agnes and Ethel (Babs) – donated their shares in the family business to create The Robertson Trust for charitable purposes in 1961. Since then, we have grown to become Scotland’s largest independent grant-giving trust, and have provided over £300 million in funding to support the country’s vibrant third sector.

Over the last 60 years, our priorities have shifted and the world in which we operate looks very different too. But through it all, our principles have remained rooted in the family values of our founders.

The new film and story tell how the sisters’ legacy and vision continue to inform our approach as we deliver our ten-year strategy addressing poverty and trauma in Scotland. Over this decade, we will invest at least £200 million to achieve far-reaching social change. 

View and download the booklet as PDF

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“On the occasion of our 60-year anniversary, we honour the compassion and foresight of our founders, the remarkable Robertson sisters, whose legacy and values continue to shape our story and inspire our vision of a fair and compassionate Scotland where everyone is valued and able to flourish.

“We take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our partners across the third sector and our staff. Through the decades, we have built lasting relationships with charities large and small – their expertise and experience on the frontline have shaped our approach and our priorities.

“Now, we look ahead to 2030 with an ambition to further strengthen Scotland’s third sector. We believe that resilient, thriving charities are essential partners to driving better outcomes and life chances for the people and places in Scotland facing the burdens of poverty and trauma.”

Mark Batho, Chair

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