Financial Security

Through our Financial Security theme, we want to fund, support, and influence to improve income adequacy, income security, reduce cost-related pressures on finances, and improve financial safety nets for people in financial trouble.

At its heart, poverty is a lack of access to adequate financial resources. Working alongside the Scottish Government, Scotland’s third sector is instrumental in helping people get access to essentials such as housing, food and fuel when they need it most, and manage their finances and the everyday effects of living on a low income.

The work on our Financial Security theme began in late 2021 and so far, we have focused on responding to immediate demand in relation to the cost-of-living crisis.  

Our priorities under this theme for 2022/23 will become clearer towards the end of this year as we begin to reflect on what our discovery phase work has told us. Without doubt, tackling the cost-of-living crisis, destitution and financial security in the short term in a way that prevents poverty and trauma in the longer-term, will be a running theme throughout this theme’s work to fund, support and influence.  

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Available funds:

Our Funds

We are particularly interested in work which focuses on the following issues:

  • helps people who are struggling with day-to-day costs 
  • creates access to advice, support and advocacy around welfare, debt, income maximisation, housing and employment advice, or improve access to quality childcare.*

Types of initiatives could include: food poverty and food systems, funeral poverty, fuel poverty, cost of the school day, financial support, advocacy and advice, access to affordable credit, homelessness and housing support, the impact of climate change on people and places experiencing greater poverty risks and digital access.

Find out more about how to apply here.

* Please note that we do not provide funding which is solely for the costs of delivering mainstream childcare. We are interested in work which includes broader support for low-income families, where childcare may form part of this. In some instances, we can fund the provision of targeted childcare places for families facing particularly challenging circumstances. However, we will prioritise applications for work which provides wider family support.   

Programme Awards

We currently do not have any open calls for our Programme Awards.

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