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Founded 60 years ago by the Robertson sisters, we continue to build on their vision and legacy. Discover more about our story.

Film: The Story of The Robertson Trust

"I want everyone to feel special and valued and they will see what they can aspire to."

The Robertson Trust was established in 1961 by the Robertson sisters – Elspeth, Agnes and Ethel (known as Babs) – who donated their shares in the family businesses, founded and developed by their grandfather and father, to the Trust for charitable purposes.

The sisters were among the first Trustees, serving for a combined total of 71 years and ensuring the Trust upheld the principles at the heart of the family: honesty, integrity and a willingness to help people in need.

The family business now operates as the global company Edrington – one of Scotland’s largest private companies and owner of several well-known whisky brands. The sisters’ generosity enables the Trust to use the dividends from its controlling shareholding in Edrington for the benefit of Scotland’s people and communities.

Over our 60 years, we have sought to build on the Robertson sisters’ legacy, and will continue to do so in this decade by focusing on helping to improve the lives of people experiencing poverty, trauma or both in Scotland.

New booklet tells our story

The Robertson Trust at 60 tells the remarkable sisters' story, explains the formation of the Trust in 1961 and explores its shifting priorities down the years. 

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More about our history

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