Support for grant holders - 2016-2020 strategy

Additional supporting information and resources for those who have funding from our previous strategy (2016-2020).

This guidance is for those who have funding from our previous strategy (2016-2020). On this page you'll find information about:


We have made some changes to our reporting requirements for organisations who received funding under our 2016-20 strategy.

We previously asked those who received a grant of £5K per annum or more to complete and return our online End of Year/Grant Report, including Outcomes and Activities for the year ahead (for multi-year grants). We no longer need you to provide this. Instead, at the end of each grant year, we would ask that you send an email to providing:

  • A brief update which states whether:
  1. You were able to deliver the planned project/services;
  2. You have spent our funds;
  3. There have been any significant changes during the funding period of which you need to make us aware.
  • Your organisation’s most recent signed, independently examined/audited accounts. You only need to send us these if you have further grant payments due. There is no need to send your accounts when your grant comes to an end.

We will email you to request the above information towards the end of your grant year, around 2 months before your next payment is due, or at the end of your grant. If you prefer, you could send us a report you have already prepared for another funder.

If your grant is for under £5K per annum, you don’t need to send us an update or accounts.

How will we use the information you provide?

We will use the information in your update to enable us to release any further payments to you or to close off your grant once it has ended. We may also use it to identify if there are ways we can support you, for example, if your activities have been delayed or you have experienced challenges during the funding period.

Why have we changed our reporting requirements?

In September 2020, we launched our new strategy, which focuses on helping to improve the lives of people and communities with experience of poverty, trauma or both. It may be that your work now has a different focus than ours and, whilst we are still interested in your organisation and its activities, we don’t want to ask you to provide additional information that we won’t use. We know that your time is valuable and trust that you will put our funds to good use for the benefit of the people you support. If you do feel that your work, or elements of it, align with our new strategy, you can send us a more detailed end of year summary if you wish to, however, please note that this is optional.

Applying for continuation funding

Continuation 2-3

In some cases where an applicant requested three-year funding from the Trust under our 2016-20 strategy, we may only have awarded one year, with further funding subject to specific conditions being met, including a review of progress over the past year. If you applied for three-year funding and only received one year, please refer to the condition of award in your Year 1 award email. This will explain if you are eligible for continuation funding and the conditions around this.

If you are eligible for continuation funding, we will email you approximately 3 months before the end of your grant period with a link to our online application form.

As part of the application, we will ask you to tell us what difference you want to make through your work (your outcomes) and what you plan to do to make this change happen (your activities). You can find guidance on setting outcomes and activities here.

Continuation 4-5

Although we no longer offer Continuation 4&5 funding, you may be able to reapply for funding once your current grant ends and you’ve sent us your End of Grant Report or update. You can find out more about Our Funds here.

You can also use our funding checker to find out if your organisation is eligible and what type of funding you might be able to apply for.