Case Study June 2021

Voices: Scottish Detainee Visitors

In our Voices series, we share the stories and opinions from our funded organisations who are helping to find solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland. The latest group is Scottish Detainee Visitors, a charity providing crucial emotional and practical support to people in immigration detention in Scotland.

"Currently, our immigration system is very much focused on enforcement, and what we need to see is a system that is focused much more on engagement with people."

How Scottish Detainee Visitors work fits with our 2020-2030 strategy

"We first funded Scottish Detainee Visitors in 2009 and fully recognise the importance of their work in supporting those who have been detained.  They have a strong track record of providing crucial emotional and practical support, which has been particularly important in the wake of COVID-19 where many have experienced social isolation.

We are interested in work that takes a community-led approach as we know that communities can provide a crucial protective function in reducing the risk of poverty and/or trauma. Being community-led is at the core of what Scottish Detainee Visitors do and their Life After Detention Project is a great example of this, where they offer peer-to-peer support to people who have been in detention and support them to share their experiences through creative projects."


Hayley Hutchison
Graduate Trainee