News October 2023

Big Change Chats - Book your slot now

Following the launch of our Education Pathways Programme Award Open Call earlier this week, we have a series of 30-minute slots available to meet our team online.

If you wish to discuss a potential application to our most recent Programme Award open call, we have a series of 30-minute slots available to meet our team online.

With a focus on Education Pathways, the priority area for this call is improving engagement in education and learning for children, young people and their families to prevent and reduce future rates of poverty and trauma in Scotland.

Programme Award applications are more likely to be successful for work with the highest potential for delivering big change that lasts on tackling poverty and trauma in Scotland. For this open call, this includes work  such as:

  • Feasibility and development projects
  • Test and demonstration projects
  • Research projects with a clear and strong link to delivering change.
  • Campaigning, mobilising, policy and influencing projects.

The Big Change Chat sessions offer an opportunity to discuss your idea with our team directly in an informal environment. However, we do ask that you check our criteria below before registering - applicants should be:

  • An organisation working in Scotland with an annual income of more than £100,000.
  • A charity, asset-locked Community Interest Company, Housing Association or a Credit Union whether alone or in partnership (including with other types of organisations).
  • Applying for project-restricted revenue funding for up to five years, usually between £50K and £500K in total, and up to £250k per year. We expect to spend up to £2.5M through this call, subject to level of demand and nature of proposals we receive.
  • Interested in supporting meaningful and ethical co-design and co-production with people with experience of poverty and trauma, which will be one of our key criteria in assessing applications.

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To find out more about the open call, click here.