Setting Your Outcomes

As part of our Continuation funding application process, we will ask you to tell us what difference you want to make through your work (your outcomes) and what you plan to do to make this change happen (your activities).

You will already have provided outcomes and activities as part of your original funding application. You can use these as the basis for those you provide in your application for Continuation funding. We would normally expect that your outcomes would remain broadly the same, however, your activities may change to reflect any new developments, growth in participant numbers etc.

Why do we ask you to do this?

  • To understand better what it is you are trying to achieve through your work
  • To help us make a decision on whether to award you a grant
  • If you are successful in your application, your outcomes and activities will help you to track your progress over the course of your grant and understand the difference your work is making

Useful resources:

Setting your outcomes and activities.