Keeping in touch and reporting – what you as a funded organisation can expect.

Do you have funding from our previous strategy period  (2016-2019/20)? You'll find information about reporting on a separate page.

We value relationships with our funded organisations, so we want to keep in touch with you during your grant period. We’re also mindful that your time is valuable, so we’ll try to ensure that the contact we have with you is proportionate and appropriate.

If you have any queries about your grant or need to tell us about any changes, you can contact your Funding Officer or email

Our Grant terms and conditions outline the types of changes you should tell us about, if and when they occur.


Your grant year will run for 12 months from the date we release your first payment.

Grants of under £5,000 

If your grant is for less than £5,000 and for one year only, you don't need to send us a report at the end of your grant year, however, we would love to hear from you if there’s anything you do want to share with us. You can send pictures, videos, quotes or anything else to your Funding Officer or to

If you receive a multi-year grant of less than £5,000 per year, you don’t need to send us a report, however, we will call you at the end of each grant year to see how you’re getting on and if there’s any way we can support you, before we release your next payment.

Grants of £5,000 or over per year

If you have a grant of £5,000 or more per year, at the end of each year and before we release your next payment (if applicable), we’ll ask you to send us a report telling us about your progress, along with a copy of your organisation’s annual accounts. We’ll send you a reminder email with a link to our online End of Year report template about 8 weeks before your next payment is due and, when your grant comes to an end, we'll email you a link to complete our online End of Grant report template. If we haven’t received your report, we will send you further reminders.

We have designed our report template to be light-touch and accessible, and we hope you’ll find it easy to use.

In your report, we’ll ask you to tell us about:

  • the activities/services our funding helped you to deliver and how these have benefitted the people you support;
  • any significant changes to the funded work, or your organisation, over the past year, or any challenges encountered;
  • any underspend in our funds. In general, we are unlikely to ask for an underspend to be returned to us. We will be happy to work with you to reassign the funds or extend your funding period;
  • any other funding in you have in place towards this work for the year ahead, including the source and amount;
  • your future plans for this work.

Please feel free also to attach any supporting documents you might have, such as evaluations, stories about the people you have supported, photos etc.

You can see inside our online reports here (PDF format):

Whilst we’d prefer you to use our online report, if you find this challenging for any reason, we would be more than happy to discuss alternative reporting methods with you. Please contact your Funding Officer, call us on 0141 353 4321 or email to discuss.

Your Funding Officer may also wish to call or visit you at various points during your grant, to see how you’re getting on, learn more about your work and check if you need any support from us. They will let you know when and how often they’d like to visit or call and will arrange for these to take place at a mutually convenient time.

As you approach the end of your grant, we know you may be thinking about further funding. If you have a revenue grant from us, you can reapply from 6 months before the end of your grant period. If successful, we would not release any funds before your existing grant ends and you’ve sent us your End of Grant Report. 

If you have a Community Vehicle or Community Building capital grant from us, you can hold a revenue grant at the same time. If you wish to reapply for further Community Vehicle funding once your current grant ends, we recommend that you call us first to discuss. Our Community Building fund is now closed.

How we use the information you provide

We will use the information you provide in your report or end of year phone call to see how your work is progressing, so that we can release any further payments to you.

We will also use it for our own learning purposes. We may share this information with our staff and Trustees and, from time to time, may also share information externally, with other funders, third sector organisations and statutory bodies.

The information you provide may also help us to identify common themes and trends in the sector that we’ll use to inform how we can better support our funded organisations.

Learning, networking and support

We hope to be able to offer our grant holders opportunities to come together with other funded organisations, to share learning, good practice and to build connections with one another. We’ll let you know of any upcoming opportunities that may be of interest to you.

We’d also like to hear from you if you think we can provide you with additional (non-financial) support, to help strengthen your organisation and its work. Please contact your Funding Officer if you’d like to discuss this. More information on the additional support we can provide is available here