Case Study January 2024

Voices: The Cottage Family Centre

In our Voices series, we share the stories and opinions from our funded organisations that are helping to find solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland. The latest group is the Cottage Family Centre, a charity that provides a range of support to children and families around Kirkcaldy.

"Poverty is one of the biggest challenges we face, because with poverty comes trauma. Both things are interconnected. [...] I believe that everybody has something to offer, and that if we can all connect with each other, we can solve this problem that we see on a daily basis in our communities. "

How The Cottage Family Centre's work fits with our 2020-2030 strategy

The Cottage Family Centre is strongly aligned with our Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships theme, where we are interested in funding work that provides direct, holistic and whole-family support to those facing various interconnected challenges relating to poverty and trauma.

As mentioned in their Voices story, they understand that poverty and trauma is an intersectional problem, complex and often difficult to unpick. That is why being relationship-focused is at the centre of their approach, identifying with the family those issues which are having the greatest impact on their lives and working together to build solutions, which will make a real difference to family relationships and resilience, and their children’s life chances in the long term.  

It is for this reason we are delighted to support The Cottage Family Centre and look forward to seeing their progress in the coming years.


Wendy Knowles

Funding Manager