News November 2023

Sir Ian Good CBE

We are sorry to share news of the death of Sir Ian Good CBE, former Chair of The Robertson Trust, at the age of 80. He had been Honorary Life President of the Trust since 2012, Chief Executive of Edrington and its Chairman.

Mark Batho, Chair of the Trust, said:

“Sir Ian’s pivotal role in shaping Edrington to become the highly successful premium spirits company it is today is clear. He was one of the last to have known and worked closely with the Robertson sisters and shared a commitment to continue their legacy of Scottish philanthropy. His contribution to the development of the Robertson Trust and its work was immense and we will miss him greatly. We are enormously grateful for the role he played more recently in supporting the Sir Ian Good Leadership Award.”  

Jim McCormick, CEO, said:

“While I did not know Ian well, growing up in the same town I was aware of his business success from an early age. Years later, when contributing to an earlier strategy review of the Trust, he welcomed me to his home. I found him to be generous in sharing his experiences, enthused about the work of the Trust, candid and clear. ‌‌‌‌Staff and Board members of the Trust send their deep condolences to his family and friends at this sad time”.


The Trust created the Sir Ian Good Leadership Award (SIGLA) in 2014. This programme for a group of our Scholarship students culminated in four finalists winning an Award where Sir Ian mentored them through their fourth year at university. This enabled them to build network knowledge to shape their career path. The winners also took part in a sailing expedition with the Ocean Youth Trust to consolidate their team building and leadership skills. A total of 28 Scholars have won the Award since it started.

We are pleased to share these words from SIGLA Scholars in personal tribute to Sir Ian:  

“Sir Ian Good was very smart, driven, kind and empathetic and he contributed massively to the lives of so many young people (including myself). He interviewed me for the Award and it was the best interview I've had. We reflected on leadership and he always made me feel welcome and that I have good potential. It helped me massively throughout the last few years. The Award included unbelievable networking dinners and mentoring support which helped me develop my career and eventually get my Chartered Engineer status.”

Vlad Morgan (SIGLA 2014, Offshore Wind Project Manager at SSE)


‘I know everyone that took part in the Award and had the pleasure of spending time with Sir Ian will be reflecting on his sad passing today. I truly believe the Award was key in making me who I am today, and I am grateful for that. Please share my deepest sympathies.’

Kelly Finnan (SIGLA 2017, Executive and Board Assistant at The Juniper Trust)


‘He was certainly an absolute gentleman - full of charisma - who had a profound influence on myself, Colin, Vlad and Ryan, being the original cohort of leaders! I remember being asked about leadership and the leaders we aspire to be at my Police Officer interview panel and speaking about Sir Ian, the Leadership Award and the Scholarship at length. Colin and I meet up regularly with the conversation always drifting back to the tales and experiences we had on our sailing trip and the dinners that followed as part of the Award process. Invaluable and very fond memories’.

 Aiden McIntyre (SIGLA 2014, Officer with Police Scotland)


‘Sir Ian was a great mentor and really helped provide me with the confidence I needed in knowing what I bring to the table and not being scared to say it out loud’.

Bianca Ncube (SIGLA 2019, Data and Software Engineer at Barclays)