Award Listings November 2023

Over £15.9M awarded to organisations across Scotland in the financial year 2022/23

Below is a full list of the organisations we funded in the financial 2022/23. In total, 483 organisations received a share of £15.9M to support their work to alleviate poverty and trauma.

£15,904,900 was awarded to 483 organisations through Our Funds in the financial year 2022/23, with a success rate of 74%. If you would like to receive our award announcements directly to your inbox, please sign up to our mailing list.

Currently, our funding is aimed at constituted community groups and registered charities who are working to alleviate poverty and trauma in Scotland, and who have an annual income of under £2 million. We have four funds under our strategy: Wee Grants, Small Grants, Large Grants, and Community Vehicles. Each of these funds is designed to be clear, transparent and accessible to meet the needs of those we fund and potential applicants, and make sure our funding is targeted. If you would like to find out more about our funds, please click here.

Download the full list of awards through Our Funds from the financial year 2022/23 here.