News October 2023

On-demand: Watch our webinar around 'big change that lasts'

Having launched our latest open call for Education Pathways Programme Awards recently, we discuss what we mean by ‘big change that lasts’ in this webinar. This is one of the key tests for Programme Award applications as we look to support work which aims to deliver long-term change on poverty and trauma in Scotland.

Our latest Programme Award open call is for long-term change projects which focus on improving engagement in education and learning for children, young people and their families.

Project-restricted funding of between £50- £250k per year is available for up to five years, and we anticipate spending up to £2.5m, subject to demand and nature of proposals we receive. The call is open to charities, Community Interest Companies, Housing Associations and Credit Unions whether alone or in partnership (including with other types of organisations).

  • Click here to find out more about Education Pathways open call (closing date for first round applications 10th November 2023)

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